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When a Person is Falsely Accused and Framed for a Crime: Rick Collins Addresses Criminal Defense Issues of Framing in Article Published by Atticus

A client being framed for a crime doesn’t only happen in movies and on television crime shows – ordinary, law-abiding citizens can be “set up” and framed for criminal acts, such as controlled substance crimes, that they didn’t commit.  In today’s “War on Drugs” criminal defense arena, the topic of framing is a very real issue both for defendants and criminal defense attorneys – particularly when it has to do with the role that “informants” – and particularly a deceitful informant — can play in setting up a totally innocent person to best serve their own interests.

In his national practice defending a myriad of clients and centering on the health, fitness and sports fields, Rick Collins has had the opportunity to successfully defend clients who have been set up for a variety of crimes, particularly those involving performance-enhancing drugs.  His insight and experience in defending clients who may have been framed — and the success of his law firm in helping to successfully defend narcotics and other drug cases – have made him a national expert in this complex area of criminal defense.

Rick’s particular work in defending one client who had been set up and framed in a controlled substance crime was recently published by the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NYSACL) in their quarterly publication Atticus. Rick’s article “The Rogue Informant: Lessons from a Frame” highlights this important case and its legal implications – and gives important lessons in detecting and dealing with a “rogue informant” in a drug case – and how to establish a client’s innocence, clear a name – and preserve justice.

The article appears in the current issue of Atticus.  It’s an important read for anyone who is interested in and concerned about the issue of framing and set-ups in drug cases … and anyone concerned with our justice system and this important issue.

If you or anyone you know is in need of criminal defense counsel on a wide range of issues, or are concerned about the issue of narcotics and other drug frames, set-ups and “rogue informants,” the attorneys at Collins, McDonald & Gann are available 24/7 at 516-294-0300.  Call us anytime to discuss how we may be able to establish innocence, as Rick did in this particular case, by identifying a frame … and successfully clear a name and ensure that justice is served.