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Rick Collins Heads To Colorado Springs For Annual ISSN Conference – Ready To Tackle Key Issues In The Industry…And A New Challenge!

CMG partner Rick Collins is heading to Colorado Springs this week for the 10th Annual International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference – being held on June 14th and 15th . This year’s conference  — “We’ve Come a Long Way Baby – Sports Supplements: A Very Effective Strategy for Enhancing Athletic Performance” — will address some of the key issues surrounding dietary supplements, and will be attended by a large number of industry leaders and ISSN members.  The International Society of Sports Nutrition is the only non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation.

Rick, a Fellow of the ISSN and a member of the ISSN Advisory Board and ISSN Legal Advisor, will be moderating the Friday afternoon session entitled “Dietary Supplements and the NIH: Research and Resources” – featuring presenter Carol Haggans, MS, RD, sponsored by the Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health, and presenter Paul Cribb, PHD, FISSN, speaking on nutrient timing for athletes. In addition, Rick will be participating in the ISSN Advisory Board meeting on Thursday – as well as meeting with numerous industry professionals throughout the conference.

Always looking to combine academia with adventure, Rick will be doing far more than just attending and speaking at the conference this year, though  … as he prepares to climb to the 14,000 foot summit of Pikes Peak via the Crags Trail and Devil’s Playground!    Rick has been preparing for the climb over the past few weeks through hiking and cardiovascular workouts – and is eagerly anticipating what is known to be a grueling, and beautiful, climb (Devil’s Playground got its name from the way lightening appears to jump from rock to rock during a thunderstorm.)
Rick is truly looking forward to both the ISSN conference and his Pikes Peak climb – and hopes that the weather will hold up so that he can experience this exhilarating climb (on his last attempt, freak blizzard conditions forced him to cancel his planned climb.)  Combining academics and adventure for Rick, though, is something he’s always looking to do – a few years back he hiked the Bright Angel Trail to the floor of the Grand Canyon and back, and later scaled the Manitou Incline of Rocky Mountain.  And many of you also know of Rick’s successful efforts to raise money for cancer research by orchestrating “Leap for Life” – a unique skydiving fundraiser that raised more than $75,000 in the years that Rick has led this worldwide effort!