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How to Respond to a Doping Accusation

Protecting Your Athletic Career

The use of anabolic steroids and banned performance-enhancing drugs is illegal and prohibited by sports associations. Players’ integrity is routinely checked, though the system is far from perfect.

Current drug tests designed to identify illegal doping can wrongfully incriminate the innocent. When this happens, our attorneys are ready to come to your defense.

Get Legal Assistance

If you’ve been accused of anabolic steroid or other banned substance use, you must hire a knowledgeable attorney familiar with applicable laws, rules, and effective defenses. Our attorneys will guide you through the necessary steps and help you build your case.

Compile Evidence

Oftentimes, positive drug tests are the result of an athlete’s legal dietary supplements being contaminated or spiked without their knowledge. This can lead rule-abiding athletes to show traces of prohibited substances. Cross-contamination and tainting have been established in many instances, and we know where to look for the evidence to prove it.

We’ll compile all relevant:

  • Doctor visit summaries
  • Health screenings
  • Prescription records
  • Supplements taken

Our attorneys can also request our own independent urinalysis. However, this will not always prove innocence, as certain substances become untraceable after a short period of time. As such, time is of the essence. Our attorneys will help you work fast. We can also conduct testing of dietary supplement products the athlete has taken to look for contaminants.

Test and Preserve Sample “B”

A “B” Sample is the second half of a split specimen taken from the urine, saliva, or blood being tested. If Sample “A” provides a positive result, the athlete may request that Sample “B” be tested at a different facility.

Such secondary testing can be effective. In 2013, it helped Australian middleweight boxing champion Sam Soliman, who tested positive for oxilofrine after beating Felix Sturm in Dusseldorf, Germany. Soliman unknowingly ingesting the substance from a mislabeled dietary supplement. Independent testing of his second sample in part helped allow Soliman to retain his ranking despite the positive. He went on to beat Sturm in a rematch, and secure even more lucrative engagements.

Whether you’re an athlete, service member, law enforcement officer, or any other party made to take a drug test, a false accusation of doping can derail your career. As such, it’s important to contact our attorneys for help as soon as you’ve been accused.

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