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Can I Take a Vacation While On Workers' Comp?

Just because you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits and recovering from doesn’t mean you should not enjoy your life. Injured workers can go on vacation while receiving benefits.

However, you could risk losing your benefits if one of the following situations occur:

  • Failing to follow the doctor’s orders – If you inform your doctor you plan on taking a vacation with your family, he/she will recommend you avoid certain types of activities to avoid reaggravating your injury and ensure you make the best possible recovery. Not only can you injure yourself engaging in risky activities such as hiking, jet skiing, or ziplining, you can reinjure yourself while traveling, such as carrying heaving luggage or staying seated on an airplane for hours on end. Keep in mind, insurance companies hire private investigators to ensure your injuries are legitimate.
  • Missing a scheduled appointment – You must attend all schedule appointments, whether it’s a doctor’s visit or a session with your physical therapist. Missing or even rescheduling an appointment because it conflicts with your vacation could result in losing your benefits because the insurer may see this type of action as a failure to comply with mandatory medical treatment.
  • Posting about your vacation on social media – You could risk losing your benefits by sharing images or videos of you participating in risky activities on social media. Although your profiles could be set to private, your family or friends could tag you in their posts and they their profiles could be viewed publicly. Be wary of what you post on social media and tell your friends and family to ask you if it’s okay to tag you in a post.

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