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5 Common Types of Negligent Security Cases

When you visit a business or even private property, the last thing on your mind is suffering a serious injury. According to New York, property owners and landlords have a duty to protect visitors and tenants from foreseeable harm, which includes the possibility of criminal activity on the premises based on prior occurrences. Failure to uphold this duty can lead to a lawsuit against the owner for negligent security.

The following are several common examples of negligent security cases:

  1. Fights are common in a popular bar. However, there are only two security guards on the premises and the bar’s owner never trained his/her employees on security protocols. In one altercation, a patron who was not involved in the fight was struck and suffered a serious injury.
  2. A city-owned parking garage has poor lighting and there has been several cases of theft and vandalism the past few months. One night, a person was assaulted with a deadly weapon and robbed.
  3. A nursing home allows visitors to enter the premises without checking in and there is no security. A person with a criminal history enters the nursing home and assault a few residents.
  4. A hotel known for frequent police visits for drug crimes and violent crimes has security cameras installed. However, the owner failed to maintain the security camera system, rendering it disabled. A guest was then assaulted on the property.
  5. Many doors in an apartment complex have faulty locks. After several tenants complained to the property owner about the issue, there was no effort to repair or replace the locks. One night, a robber entered the building and assaulted a tenant.

All these examples show that the property owners knew or should have known there were dangerous conditions on their property that could potentially harm visitors and tenants. Their failure to address or improve security measures played a significant role in a victim’s injuries.

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