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Blog Addresses Staffing/Temp Worker Placement and Prior Criminal Convictions

Staffing Company Provides Insight for Employers on Benefits of Being “Felon Friendly”

An Illinois-based human resource organization is encouraging employers to consider the benefits of being “felon-friendly” in filling their staffing needs – and has published a blog providing an overview of why employers should consider hiring those with a prior conviction.

In the blog, author Bethany Drucker – Corporate Counsel and Vice President of Human Resources at ASG Staffing Inc.,/ Azimuth — points out the important point that Employers need to remember (and arrestees and felons need to know) that the internet fishing process CANNOT be used as a standalone screening method to exclude an applicant.”   In addition, she shares a number of compelling points about the benefits of hiring those with a prior conviction, noting within her blog that “I review hundreds of criminal backgrounds a year for temporary employees looking to be assigned to a particular company.  The companies have realistic guidelines of what types of convictions they will not accept for a certain look back period. We try to place as many people as we can whom want to work. Work provides a routine, a pay check, a sense of worth and contribution.  We have placed numerous with people criminal convictions to work, and not one single person ever displayed “criminal tendencies” while at work.  Furthermore, employers may receive a Work Opportunity Tax Credit in many circumstances for hiring people with convictions.

Although currently Illinois state law differs from New York state law surrounding criminal record sealing and expungement, this blog presents excellent information about the benefits (for both employers and employees) of hiring reformed ex-offenders for both temporary and permanent staffing positions … and further underscores the value of providing employment opportunities for those with a prior conviction. As we continue to move forward with the initiative to change New York State law and make criminal record sealing a reality here in New York, it is valuable to hear from others in this field how enhancing employment opportunities for ex-felons has made a positive difference in many lives – and we’re continuing to work to bring more opportunities to those in New York whose lives continue to be negatively impacted by a past conviction.