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Wrecked car being pulled by tow truck

When to Hire an Attorney for Your Car Accident Case

Involvement in an automobile accident is a traumatic event for a number of reasons, but none more important than possibly sustaining serious physical injuries that can have long-term or even permanent effects for your life.  You may ask yourself: Who is going to pay for my medical bills?  If I can’t work, how will I support myself?  These are valid questions anyone would want answered when faced with this scary situation.  Thankfully, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help navigate you through the many complex legal issues you are now facing.

I have often been asked the question—When is the right time to hire a lawyer to represent me?  The answer is simple: as soon as possible!

First and foremost, the law places strict time limits, or statues of limitation, on when a lawsuit can be filed.  While a good personal injury attorney can fix many problems, filing a case after the relevant statute of limitation has expired is usually fatal to any claim.  Second, it is critical that you have a lawyer to help you comply with the regulations within the No-Fault law, which will significantly help to cover your medical bills, lost earnings and other expenses.  Not doing so in a timely fashion could result in a denial of No-Fault benefits, which could render you fully responsible to pay for all of the costs related to your accident.  Further, attorney involvement in the early stages after an accident can positively affect the strength of your case.  Whether it is interviewing eyewitnesses, obtaining surveillance footage or through the use of investigators and/or experts, an experienced litigation attorney involved from the very beginning can identify a number of potentially helpful pieces of evidence to use to your advantage at trial.

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